About Myself

Thanks to the academic engineering background, I love to learn new things in the world of software engineering in deeper levels. For me, it is not enough to learn how things work, it is necessary to realize why they work as well. Even though my approach has the downside of making things progress slower, it achieves higher levels of perfection in the end.

Software Engineering 90%

Structural Engineering 95%

Image Processing Algorithms 90%

Machine Learning and CNNs 75%

  • March 2019 to present


    Lead and Senior Software Engineer
    Ankara, Turkey

  • March 2015 to 2019


    Software Engineer
    Ankara, Turkey

  • March 2012 to 2015


    Junior Software Developer
    Ankara, Turkey

  • March 2006 to 2012


    Research Assistant
    Ankara, Turkey

  • March 2010 to 2016


    Doctor of Philosophy
    Structural Engineering

  • March 2006 to 2010


    Master of Science
    Structural Engineering

  • March 2002 to 2006


    Civil Engineering


A selection of skills, languages and tools I have used throughout my career


C#, Kotlin, SwiftUI, JavaScript, Python, Java, Matlab/Octave, LaTeX, C++

Frameworks & Tools

.NET, WPF, MAUI, Vue, SvelteKit, Android, iOS, OpenCV, Tensorflow, SwiftUI, Processing, Git, AWS, GCC, Firebase

Software Engineering

Design Patterns, Data Structures, CI/CD Automation (Github Actions, BitBucket Actions)

Structural Engineering

Finite Element Modeling & Analysis, Earthquake Engineering, Health Monitoring, Condition Assessment and Identification, Inspection