ESP8266-Based Data Acquisition System


  • Yapıdestek Engineering

  • N/A

  • 2017

The system includes the core program of the ESP8266 MCU (written in C++), and the communication server API endpoints (written in PHP). The microcontroller unit periodically reads the sensor data, converts the analog signals to digital measurement values, and saves them into a file in CSV format. It then sends the file to the server via HTTP POST request. The server then parses the file and saves the data into a database. The server and the ESP8266 also have an API for OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates. The server can send new firmware to the ESP8266 via HTTP POST request. The ESP8266 then saves the firmware to the flash memory and reboots itself to the new firmware. The firmware enables and disables wifi based on the data uploads to preserve the battery, as the system is mounted on a structure without power supply.

The data can be visualized and exported in various formats via the web interface. The web interface (written in PHP and JS) is a single-page application that uses AJAX to communicate with the server. The interface is responsive and can be used on mobile devices. The interface is also available in Turkish and English. It has various responsive and interactive charts for visualizing the data. The data can be exported in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats. The interface also has a user management system with different access levels.